Raman Raghav 2.0 (2016)

Published on Jul 12, 2016 by admin

Set in present day Mumbai the story follows the life of a serial killer Ramanna who is inspired by an infamous serial killer from the 1960s, Raman Raghav. His strange obsession with Raghavan, a young cop keeps growing as he closely follows him without his knowledge and often creates situations where both of them come face to face.
To be frank, except the superb portrayal of Ramanna alias Raman alias Ram, a psychopathic serial killer – kind of straight out of the characters seen in the TV series “Criminal Minds” early seasons, there is nothing much worth praise in this movie.

Nawazuddin has long become a bankable actor, and has kept most of his performances remembered be it small or big. And this movie is yet another feather in his cap.

The movie tries to make a noble effort, in a neo noir way, to draw the comparison between the 21st Century serial killer Raman and the young Mumbai cop Raghav who is trying to apprehend him. Two opposite poles and yet so similar. While it somewhat tries to show the evolution of Raman in his own way, it also shows the fall of the police officer into his own hell!

But it has not been quite successful. May be something lacked in the story, or the script or the direction. Easier said than done! But whatever the drawbacks may be, the way Nawaz goes under the skin of the character and makes his on screen persona as disagreeable and as scary as possible, is thoroughly commendable. Had it not been him, not sure who it could be.


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