C Kkompany

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Three individuals – Akshay (Tusshar Kapoor), Mr. Joshi (Anupam Kher) and Lambodar Jha(Rajpal Yadav) have their own share of troubles as a common man. While Akshay is a struggling crime reporter, Mr. Joshi is a retired accountant troubled by his ungrateful son. Lambodhar works as a mascot in a mall, but tells his son he has a business. Lambodar finds it difficult to deal with his wife over his job and is very aggressive to tall people, because he is very short and is often made fun of. Together they share their plight and find solace in each other’s company.

Akshay wants to marry the love of his life,Priya(Raima Sen), the sister of the leader of D Company, Dattu Bhai. Mr. Joshi wants to get 1 Crore from his son which he claims he has a right to, since Mr. Joshi has spent 1 Crore raising his son. Akshay wants a portion of this money to run away from India with his girlfriend. To get this money, the trio call Joshi’s son, claiming to be from a large gang and threaten to kill his family if he does not comply. Through a series of events, this matter becomes public and the trio try to keep it secret. Joshi has a friend whose apartment complex is being taken down by people backed by the D Company. Joshi and Lambhodhar plant a fake bomb in the car of a big D Company backed businessman, saying that the next time, they could easily put a real bomb if the businessman doesn’t stop the destruction of the apartment complex.

A show called “Sarkar ya C Kkompany” is aired on Zee TV, with Akshay as the anchor. In the show, people call in with their problems and the viewers see if C Kkompany helps or the Sarkar (government). The trio decide to help many people out of sympathy. However, the leader of D Company tries his best to discover the identity of the C Kkompany. He finds out that C Kkompany will be extorting 1 million from Joshi’s son, and goes to the meeting point (a Carnival) to kill the C Kkompany members. He catches the trio, but lets them go and changes his ways.

In the end, Akshay gets married to Priya, with Datto Bhai happily watching. Mr. Joshi gets his son’s 1 Crore Rs., and claims he got a lottery to hide the fact that he was C Kkompany and that he extorted the money. Lambodar starts his own business, and you have to be at least 6 feet tall to work there. The three live happily ever after, and the movie ends.

The tale of C KKcompany continues and it is found that now Sadashiv Pradhan is making the calls on C KKcompany behalf, unknown to Lambodhar, Joshi and Akshay. Lambodhar, Joshi and Akshay explain this to Dattubhai when questioned.


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