Do Lafzon Ki Kahani (2016)

Do Lafzon Ki Kahani
Published on Jul 12, 2016 by admin

Centered on ex-mixed martial arts artist Sooraj (Randeep Hooda) and sculptor artist Jenny (Kajal Aggarwal). Their fate intertwines when their past are revealed in their blooming relationship.
Sooraj (Hooda) is a talented boxer with a horrid past and blank future. Some wrong decisions in his professional life had forced him to take a path of crime, which eventually landed him behind bars. Now out of prison, he breaks back day and night to earn money so that he can apparently settle some debts. This point in film is the first and last you will hear about any debt. Out of blue, he meets Jenny (Aggarwal), a blind young woman who has no television in her house. Meets turn into rendezvouses and before soon Jenny, instead of friendzoning him, accepts Sooraj as her beau. Sooraj, who is taciturn in his romance and gloomy in his demeanor, pledges his life in her service. But, Tijori wants them to go through some hurdles, so they do, before ending their two-word story with happiness.

Essentially, the story is badly written, and that is all that works against the film. The plot is like the characters literally following a pre-written story instead of guiding it. Many sequences in the film confirm this failure in writing. How else would you describe a screenplay where a character takes a life decision in the middle of a water park ride?

Hooda is great. I personally like him as an actor. But, he is clearly ill- cast here. It may be for his bod chops, but Hooda cannot romance properly. Neither can Aggarwal receive a romance, even if it’s a badly rendered one. Her portrayal of a blind person is similar to that of a retard, no offense. The small girl that you often see in the anti-smoking ad (before a film in Indian cinemas) where just before she hugs her smoker father is reminiscent of Aggarwal’s role. All she does is call her co-actor “buddhu” (which means “dumbo” in English) several times throughout the film. Counter: at least 7.

That’s it. The story gathers emotional moss towards the end which may appeal to some so-called romantics. But, if you are seriously looking forward for a romance drama which will touch your heart, this is not the film you should watch.

BOTTOM LINE: Deepak Tijori’s Do Lafzon Ki Kahani is a badly written rendition of the clichéd romance saga where a man pledges his life for his lover, without any touch of realism. Wait for TV premiere and make love during commercials if you possibly can.

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